Definition of Terms

Auditing Classes - Auditing gives a currently enrolled student (or currently admitted student) the privilege of attending class, but credit is not earned and a grade is not assigned when auditing a class.


Cancellation/Withdrawal Form - Processed at the Office of the University Registrar, this form allows students to cancel their registration and/or withdraw from a class or classes. This action can also be performed by the student on MyRED without the use of the form.


Class Days - Class day listings in the Schedule of Classes are expressed as the following:
                M = Monday                             R = Thursday                 U= Sunday
                T  = Tuesday                             F = Friday                       TBA = To Be Announced
                W = Wednesday                       S = Saturday


Class Hours - Class hour listings in the Schedule of Classes use regular clock time. City Campus classes usually meet on the half hour beginning at 7:30 a.m., except for evening classes which usually begin at 6:00 p.m. or later. East Campus classes usually meet on the hour beginning at 8:00 a.m.


Class Location - An "E" preceding the building abbreviation designates courses meeting on East Campus in the Schedule of Classes. See the Buildings list for building abbreviations.


Class Number - A number that is used in requesting a specific section of a course through MyRED. Each lecture (LEC), lab (LAB), quiz (QUZ), or recitation (RCT) section is identified by a unique class number. This class number is different each semester.


Class Problems - Course difficulties are often successfully resolved when you meet individually with your instructor or graduate teaching assistant. If you encounter a difficulty that cannot be resolved in this manner, you are advised to meet with either the vice-chair or chair of the department offering the class.


Corequisites - In order to register for this section, you must also register for another course or section(s).


Course Number - A three-digit number and possible letter suffix used to identify the course. The alpha suffix of "H" stands for honors course. In general, courses numbered 100-199 are for freshmen, 200-299 are for sophomores, 300-399 are for juniors, and 400-499 are for seniors. Courses designated with both a 400 and an 800 number may usually be used for either senior or graduate credit. Courses in the 800 series and those in the 900 series are open exclusively to graduate students except by permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies.


Crosslisted Courses - A course offered in two or more different departments and/or different levels (e.g., graduate/undergraduate).


Departmental Consent - Some classes require department permission to enter. This permission is granted through a unique 4-6 digit randomly generated permission code.  Permission numbers can only be used once and the system records when a permission code is used. Permission codes cannot be used after Late Registration.


Drop/Add - After initially registering for classes, you are free to adjust your schedule by adding and dropping courses on MyRED.


"ES", and "EX" Courses - These course types indicate an online distance and online on-campus testing mode courses.


Mini Session Courses - Mini session courses are courses that are less than a semester's duration. Mini-courses can be located on-line by using Additional Search Criteria (Session: "Mini Session") in MyRED under Class Search. The final examination for a mini-course is to be on the last meeting day of the course.


Override Authorization Form - This form is used to override maximum credit hours, course credit hours, or grade type and must be processed at the Office of the University Registrar, 107 Canfield Administration Building South.


Petition for Late Withdrawal Form - Any drops or withdrawals after the 3/4 point of the term are only granted for extraordinary circumstances by petition. Undergraduate students should contact their college dean's office to obtain the "Petition for Late Withdrawal" form. Graduate students should contact Office of Graduate Studies, 1100 Seaton Hall, to obtain the petition form.


Prerequisite - Prerequisites can be a course or series of courses and/or background required prior to taking a certain course. If you do not meet the indicated requirements, you may be required to drop the course. If there is doubt about the preparation level or having completed the equivalent, permission to enroll may be requested from the instructor of the course or the department chair. Consult the appropriate bulletin for the official listing of course prerequisites.


Schedule Adjustment Form - To secure permission to add a course late or process section changes after the 6th day of classes, a "Schedule Adjustment Form" with the signature of the instructor for the section to be added or changed must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar, 107 Canfield Administration Building South. Forms are available at the Office of the University Registrar, 107 Canfield Administration Building South.


Section Number - A three-digit number assigned to differentiate sections of the same courses offered during a term.


Subject Code/Subject Name - A four-character alpha code assigned to each subject area to designate an area of study.

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