About the Office of the University Registrar (OUR)

OUR Mission

Provider of primary and ancillary enrollment and record keeping services for the academic functions of the university.

OUR Vision

Through foresight, persistence, and professional engagement, continue to bolster OUR reputation as a premier university registrar operation.

OUR Values

  • Delivery of timely and accurate services
  • Integrity of the academic enrollment and record keeping process
  • Ongoing development and implementation of sound academic policies and procedures
  • Improvement of registrar/university-related processes and functions through knowledge, creativity, and innovation
  • Collaborative, supportive, diverse, and inclusive in thoughts and actions
  • Cultivation and nurturing of an environment of justice, exemplary stewardship, and commitment to excellence

OUR Strategic Directions:

(Approved by OUR Fall 2016)

  1. Commit to becoming a ‘no-stop’ operation by automating OUR functions wherever possible.
  2. Commit to hiring OUR staff with essential professional and technical skills.
  3. Commit to continuous training and professional development of all OUR staff.
  4. Commit to upholding an organizational structure that fosters promotion and advancement of all OUR staff at all levels.
  5. Commit to acquiring best-of-class systems, tools, and software to support OUR day-to-day functions.
  6. Commit to improving and preserving OUR physical environment (space, furnishings, machines, etc.).
  7. Commit to maintaining an office atmosphere that promotes unparalleled achievement via OUR policies and practices.
  8. Commit to designing and employing metrics to evaluate OUR progress on all key aspects of these strategic directions.
  9. Commit to continuously creating OUR ethical environment which promotes honesty, integrity and authenticity.