Appeal Procedure - Grades

How to appeal grades

Regular Grades "A" through "F", "P", "N", "I", or "NR".

Each college or school has different procedures for handling substantive grade appeals by students. Substantive appeals are those in which the student feels that the evaluation of their academic program was prejudiced or capricious. In all such cases, the first step is to talk with the instructor of the course. Most of these problems can be resolved at this stage.

Students who wish to pursue their appeal beyond this point should consult the Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog, or the Office of the Dean in whose college the course was taught.

"Pass/No Pass" Grading Option.

University Academic Senate policy requires that registration changes to or from the "Pass/No Pass" option must be processed by the student before the end of the eighth week (one-half of the course). Mini-courses (less than full semester/term in length) and summer session courses follow a pro-rated schedule for "Pass/No Pass" changes.

For appeals regarding the application of this policy only, the Academic Senate Grading and Examinations Committee has delegated jurisdiction to the individual colleges. The committee has adopted a formal procedure for filing such appeals requiring the student to submit letters addressing the issue from:

  1. The student stating the reason(s) for appeal
  2. The instructor of the course stating a position on the issue and the letter grade that would have been earned (if the instructor is not available, then the Department Chair may write this letter)
  3. The student's official academic advisor
  4. The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, if the basis of the appeal is to maintain minimum graded hours for a scholarship
  5. A medical doctor or other health professional on the student’s medical condition, if the appeal is based on medical reasons. This documentation must include dates of illnesses or treatment, nature of illness, and the extent of the incapacitating nature of the illness.

Appeals forms and instructions are available at the college advising center or dean's office. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all four documents are sent to the college advising center or dean's office. The student will be informed of the decision by the college.