Class Rosters

Class roster availability and procedures

Class Rosters

Class rosters are available for instructors in MyRED indicating the students who are registered for the course

Correction Rosters

Correction Rosters are available in MyRED after the end of the free drop/add period.  The rosters provide an opportunity to identify and correct registration and grading option errors. Prompt handling and thorough review of the Correction Roster will eliminate many problems before the Final Grade Rosters are available. The Correction Roster indicates the names of all students officially registered. Procedures are emailed to the instructor. Students are notified via email of any corrections or attendance issues that are identified in the rosters.

Degree Grade Rosters

The University has a long standing tradition of giving each graduate his or her diploma on the day of graduation. To accomplish this, the Office of the University Registrar must clear each candidate for graduation on the day prior to Commencement.

Instructors who have graduating seniors enrolled in their classes will have a Degree Grade Roster available in MyRED listing the names of degree candidates registered. The rosters are made available three weeks prior to Commencement.  Instructors are required to submit a degree grade on each enrolled degree candidate where the grades are used to determine eligibility for graduation. The advanced grades are subject to change until a time established by the Academic Senate (usually 4:00 p.m. on the last day of final examinations). If all reports are satisfactory, the student is permitted to graduate. Unsatisfactory grades will result in the candidate being notified that he or she may be deleted from the graduation list.

If an instructor does not report a deficiency to Graduation Services,, 402-472-3635 option 3, by the stated deadline, the student will graduate on the basis of the advanced grades on file. If a final grade roster lists a deficient grade for a person who has graduated, the advanced grade will be recorded as the final grade since the deficiency was not reported to Office of the University Registrar before Commencement. 

Final Grade Rosters

Final Grade Rosters are made available to instructors during the last week of classes. The roster must be submitted  within five calendar days (excluding Sundays and Christmas) after the final exam is given. Final Grade Rosters not completed by the due date will result in the student receiving a "NR" (No Report) on their record until a grade is received. Timely submission of the rosters is important as the end-of-term grades affect such things as probation/dismissal, class rank, honors, scholarships, and activity eligibility.  Procedures for completing the rosters are emailed to instructors.

By reviewing the registration status and grading option on the rosters, instructors can encourage students to take the proper steps to correct any discrepancies.