MyRED Changes

Changes to MyRed

Effective May 20, 2013

1Starting May 20th, 2013, you will notice a change to MyRed upon logging in. Previously, you navigated to screens using the menu options on the left-hand side of the page. Now, after clicking the first item on the left-hand menu, the menu will close. It will be replaced with a drop-down menu across the top of the screen.

Tabs Highlighted

2The navigation steps to each screen will remain the same. However, as you click the links on the top of the page, the available options for each folder will open up in a smaller box.

Dropdown menu shown

3As you navigate to a page, there will be a “bread crumb” trail across the top that lets you know where you are.

Breadcrumbs highlighted

4Clicking on any “crumb” in the trail will open the available options, allowing you to navigate to other screens.

breadcrumb dropdown menu highlighted


1. Clicking on Home from any page will return you to the main menu screen.
Home link highlighted

2. Clicking on the yellow folder icon will load all page options for the selected folder.

Yellow folder highlighted

3. To add links to your Favorites, navigate to the page you wish to add. Click on the Add to My Links located in the Favorites menu. Enter a Name for the page you are adding as a favorite and click Save. The Favorites menu also contains the last 5 screens that you have accessed. You can click on any of the links to go directly to that screen.

Favorites shown

4. The Employee Apps menu can now be found under the Main Menu option.

Employees Apps Menu shown

5. As you begin typing in a search field, a drop-down box displays with results that match what you’ve typed in. You can choose an entry from the drop-down box, or continue to enter the desired information.

Search field