MyRED Dashboard

Advisor Self Service—Dashboard

Beginning Monday, September 28, 2014 the Advisor dashboard will have a new look. Please see screen-shots below for the highlights.

1Home Page

Home page

2Message Center

Note: New "Message Center" where you can find messages and notifications.

Message Center shown

The "Messages" screen will contain broadcast messages that are sent to ALL advisors.
Message example


"My Notifications" allows you to view emails sent directly to you through MyRED.

My Notifications highlighted

4Additional Services

The links on the "Additional Services" tab have been moved to the Home Page.

additional services section highlighted

5My Advisee Filters

On the "My Advisees" tab, you can now filter by "Applied for Graduation."

Applied for Graduation check box highlighted under My Advisee Filter sidebar under My Advisees tab.

You can find the "View Unofficial Transcript" in the NUID drop-down for each student.

View Unofficial Transcript highlighted under NUID drop-down

Advising Center Advisors can now see "Registration Audit" in the NUID drop-down for each student.

Registration Audit highlighted under NUID drop-down

6Person Icon

For those Advisors that are also Faculty, Student, or Staff, you will need to hover over the person icon, then click on the link for the tab you wish to view.

Person icon drop-down menu