Perceptive Experience

Perceptive Experience

User Name: NUID
Password: TrueYou password

When you first log in, the Home screen provides icons for your options within Perceptive Experience:

Home page

1View a Document:

1. Click on the Document Icon documents

2. To search for a document, click in the Search Box. You will get a pop-up box to enter your search criteria:

document search box

3. Use the ‘Name’ Drop down box to select NUID

4. Enter an NUID in the empty box and click on Add

nuid box

5. Click Search to view a list of all student’s documents.

nuid starts with

6. Click on a document to open it.

click on document

7. In the Document view, use the back arrow back arrow in the top left hand corner to return to the list of the student’s documents.

return to documents

8. To search for a different student, click in the ‘NU ID starts with’ box and change the NUID, then Click Update.

nuid starts with update

9. Click Search

click search

10. Use the green icon icon in the upper left hand corner of the URL to return to the main menu.

2Review Documents in Workflow Que

1. From the Home screen, click on the Workflow Icon workflow icon

2. Use the left hand menu to select the Workflow/Queue you wish to view


3. Click on a Document to open it.

4. Use the buttons in the upper right hand corner to set your Show/Hide preferences:

  • Thumbnails
  • Related Documents
  • Document Properties


5. To Add Annotations, click on the Annotation Icon at the top of the page and select Create Annotation.

annotate page

6. Click on the document where you would like to place the annotation and select the Annotation Type and the Annotation Template, then click Add

annotation type text

7. For the “Text” annotation, Type your desired test and click on OK.

8. To Add a Stamp, click on the Annotation Icon > create Annotation.

9. Select “Text Stamp” and the desired Annotation Template and click Add.

annotation type text stamp

10. Use the back arrow back arrow icon to return to your workflow queue.

3Viewing Related Documents (takes the place of viewing documents in a ‘folder’)

Viewing documents within a student’s file will no longer take place within a “folder”. If you want to view additional documents in a student’s file you can select the ‘Show Related Documents’ icon in order to view the student’s files.

show or hide related documents

**NOTE: The Admissions Office will no longer route a student’s folder once they have been admitted. Instead, the student’s application (Document Type of “UA-Admissions Application” or “UA International Application”) will now be routed to the appropriate advising queue. You will then be able to view additional documents within the student’s file by selecting to view related documents.

1. Click to open a document.

click to open a document

2. Select the “Show Related Documents” icon. A relationship window opens at the bottom of your document window where you can view and select documents in the students file.

show related documents

3. Clicking on a document in the Related Documents window will open the associated document in a separate window (this will require disabling pop-up blocker).

associated document

4To Route a Document in Workflow:

Route Forward/Route Anywhere: Click the Route Forward Icon at the top of the page. Use the drop down box to select a workflow queue to route the document (Route Anywhere option is in the dropdown.)

route forward

2. Route Back/Route Upstream: Click the Route Back Icon at the top of the page. Use the drop down box to select the workflow queue to route the document back to (Route Upstream option is in the dropdown.)

route back