View Class Sections

MyRED – View Class Sections

Effective May 31, 2013

Update Sections of a Class

Use the Update Sections of a Class page to view all sections of a course scheduled in a specific term.

1Enter any search criteria on the search page.

2Click on the course that you wish to view.

Click on the course to view all sections offered.

Subject Area Column Highlighted

3Use the Class Status tab to view general information about the section.

Class TypeClass StatAdd Consent/Drop Consent
E = Enrollment A = Active N = No departmental consent required
N = Non-enrollment Component X = Not Active/Cancelled D = Departmental consent required

Class Status Tab Highlighted with Columns "Class Type," "Class Stat," and "Add Consent and Drop Consent" highlighted

4 Click on the Class Enrollment Limits to view enrollment information.

Class Enrollment Tab Highlighted