View Student FERPA Release

Viewing FERPA Release

Last Updated: July 10, 2017

1To begin, login to MyRed using your NUID and password.

MyRED Log in page

2Make sure you are on the Faculty tab.

You can view FERPA Release information by clicking the View FERPA Release link on the Class Roster tab.

Faculty tab and messages highlighted

3The following message will appear:

Choose the Link To FERPA Access button to begin searching for student information.

View Student FERPA Release Message

4A pop-up window will appear.

 Enter the Academic Institution and Student ID and click Search.

View FERPA Access Highlighted

5If a student has created a Parent/Guest Account the account will be visible as shown below.

Account shown

6You can view the guest access history by clicking the View Permission History link.

ID link highlighted

7Guest Access History

The guest access history shows the date and time the account was created, the full name of the person the access was granted to, telephone number and email address, the access that have been granted (both in person and online), added accesses, removed accesses, and a what changed column.

In person Access and Online Access columns highlighted

Options to be granted to Parent/Guest account for In Person or Phone/Email conversations:

Student Account Records: Tuition, Fees, Payments, Collections, etc.

Student Records: Admissions, Biographical Data, Address, Pictures, Holds, Status, Disciplinary Records, etc.

Academic Records: Final Grades, Classes, GPA, Advising, Transfer Work, etc.

Financial Aid Records: All Financial Aid information.

Options to be granted to Parent/Guest account for Online Viewing:

Student Accounts: On-line Bill Payment, View Bills, View Account Activity, View Payment History & 1098T Forms

Student Records: View Class Schedule, Printer-friendly Class Schedule, View Final Grades & Printer-friendly Grades.

Personal Information: View Addresses, View Phone Numbers, View Email Addresses & View Student To-Do

Financial Aid: View Financial Aid & Student To-Do Lists.

** If ‘in person’ or ‘on the phone’ or ‘email’ communications have been authorized by the student as identified in the In Person column, the parent/guest will need to prove to the satisfaction of the office representative that they are who they purport to be. This may be accomplished by any and all means available including, but not limited to, questions verifying identity, photo id, telephone, email address, and secret key. **

Name, phone number, email, and secret key highlighted

8Deleted Account

When a student deletes a Parent/Guest Access it will show the guest access id and say “Deleted” in red. Clicking on the link you will allow you to see the time and date the student deleted the account.