Class Facility Usage

MyRED – Class Facility Usage

Last Updated: May 31, 2013

Use the Class Facility Usage page to review a summary of classes scheduled in a facility for a particular term. It is important to note that this page does not include any special events scheduled in a facility.

1 Navigate to the Class Facility Usage page.

2 Enter NEUNL in the SetID field if you have not created your user defaults. If you have created User Defaults, NEUNL will default into the SetID field.

3 Enter a Facility ID. The Facility ID is a two part code separated by a “–“ between the first (Building) portion of the code and the second (Room Number) portion of the code.

4 Click on Search.

Enter NEUNL in the SetID field and Click SEARCH

5 Enter a Term Code.

6 Select a Day of the Week from the drop down box. Note that you can only search by one day of the week at a time.

7 Click on Fetch Class Meetings. This button is only available after you enter a term code and a day of the week.

Enter Term code, day of the week, and click "fetch class meetings" button

Class Facility Usage page with Tuesday and Thursday highlighted

The Days of the Week columns are marked with a check mark to display when the facility is being used. The search result also displays the class information and total enrollment.

8 If you need to view a different day of the week for the same room, change the Day of the Week in the drop down box and click Fetch Class Meetings.

Day of the week box and "Fetch Class Meetings" button highlighted

9 If you need to view a different facility, click on Return to Search button and start a new search.