Registration Tutorials

Registering for classes in MyRED is an easy process once you understand the steps. Before starting the registration process log into MyRED using your NUID and password that you set up through the TrueYou system.

bookmark icon Step 1 – Navigate to the enrollment tab 

In the main navigation bar, click on Enrollment.

Select Enrollment in navigation bar

select iconStep 2 – Select a registration term

To select a term, just click on the corresponding tab.

Select your term

add iconStep 3 – Add a class or classes to your enrollment shopping cart

To access your shopping cart and enroll in classes, click the Enroll in Classes button.

Click Enroll in Classes

You add classes by searching and selecting classes from the integrated class schedule. There are two search options. The Quick Search is great if you have a class number or know the class you want to view, for example MATH 106. The Advanced Search, which can be accessed by the Advanced Search button, allows for a more extensive class search.

Search is on the right, advanced search is in the bottom left

We recommend that you start with a course Subject (e.g. Mathematics, Accounting, etc.) and a course Career (e.g. Undergraduate or Graduate). If you know the course number you want, you can find it by using the Catalog Number drop down box. Only courses offered that term will appear as options.

If you want to view courses that satisfies an ACE outcome, use the Class Attribute drop down box.

Select class attribute drop down menu

Once you have entered your search criteria click the Search button. You will be presented with a list of all classes that meet your criteria. The list of classes will look like this:

class selection

To view the course sections for the course, click on course and/or course title.

Select course

Select the class that you want to add to your shopping cart by clicking on the Add to Cart button listed with that section.

When using the Quick Search, click anywhere on the class details to add the class to your shopping cart.

Click anywhere

If the course you selected requires enrollment in an associated lab or recitation section of the same class, you will be directed to a list of “related” class sections to choose from. You will need to select a recitation and/or lab section to continue with the registration process by clicking on the related section details.

Select related section to cart

Once you make your choice, there will be Class Options presented to you. Use the drop down box to view your options.

The Class Options that can be selected are:

  • Grading option (if it is a student grade option class)
  • Units (for variable credit hour classes)
  • Waitlist (if it is available)
  • Permission Number entry (see below)

Entering Units for variable credit hour classes:  

For variable credit hour classes, the number of units will default to the minimum number of credit hours that can be taken for that course. If you intend to take more than the minimum number of credit hours allowed for the course, you must remember to manually adjust this before adding it to your shopping cart.

What are Permission Numbers? 

Some classes require department permission to enter. This permission is granted through a unique 4-6 digit randomly generated permission code. 

Permission numbers can only be used once and the system records when a permission code is used. If the class you are trying to add to your shopping cart requires permission, enter the 4-6 digit number that you obtained from the department, advisor or instructor. 

Permission codes cannot be used after Late Registration. If permission is not required, you can ignore this.

Select dropdown menu

Finally, click on the Next button to return to your shopping cart. The class you selected should now be in your shopping cart. If you make a mistake and want to remove a class from the shopping cart, click on the course and a drop down will appear. Click on Remove class from cart.

example of what your cart could look like

shopping cart iconStep 4 – Submit your Shopping Cart to the Enrollment Process

Adding a class to your shopping cart does not reserve your spot in that class and does not mean you are registered in the class. You can leave classes in your shopping cart as long as you want, but you are not actually registered in them until you complete the registration process.

Important Tip - Some Lecture/Lab combinations are set up as independent class offerings with each carrying credit hours (e.g. BIOS 101/101L). In these situations you will need to select the lecture and lab sections independently of each other and have them both in your shopping cart before submitting them to the system for processing.

To begin the actual registration process click on the Proceed to Enrollment Checkout button located beneath your shopping cart. This will take you to the registration confirmation page.

Proceed to Enrollment Checkout

Check the box next to the class you would like to enroll in. You also have the opportunity to edit your class options before you complete your enrollment. Click on the Enroll Selected button to submit your shopping cart to the system for processing.  

Important Tip – Clicking the Save button will not enroll you in classes. The Save button saves any changes you might have made, but leaves the courses in your shopping cart.

Check the box next to the class you would like to enroll in

Before you can finalize your enrollment, a Financial Responsibility screen will appear. After reading the statement, click I Understand to continue the enrollment process.

Click I understand

Once the process has been completed the system will confirm whether you were successful in registering for classes in your shopping cart. If you have multiple classes in your shopping cart the system will confirm the status of each class. Carefully review any error messages you receive and take action to resolve the errors.

Review any error messages

Classes that fail the enrollment process will remain in your shopping cart until you either delete them or successfully complete the enrollment process. If you successfully enroll in a class it will be deleted from your shopping cart and added to your list of enrolled classes for the term.

list add iconTo Wait list a Class

Some classes have a class option to wait list if the course is full. Courses that have a wait list available can be identified in the class search with a Wait List next to the class section.

Wait list alert

When adding the course to your shopping cart, there will be a prompt during Class Options to be added to the Wait List. Use the drop down box to select Yes and to add yourself to the wait list. After enrolling in the class, you will receive a message confirming that you have been added to the wait list and your position on the list.

Waiting list confirmation

subtract iconTo Drop a Class

On the Enrollment page, you will see the courses you are enrolled in for that term. Click on the course you would like to drop, a drop down menu will appear. Click on Drop Class.

NOTE: For classes with associated recitations or labs, only the lecture may be selected. When you drop the lecture, the associated recitation or lab will be dropped at the same time.

After you click on the Drop Class you will be asked to confirm your selection. <img" src="images/2014NewStdntPortal/dropcoursestatement.jpg" alt="Click continue" />

If everything is correct then click on the Continue button to submit your request to the system for processing. Once the drop process is complete the system will bring you back to the Enrollment page, and you should not see the course you dropped under the Enrolled heading.  If you dropped classes after the first week, you will see them at the bottom of the Enrollment page under the Dropped heading.