Registration Tips and Techniques

Not what you are looking for? Click here to see instructions for Classic Enrollment.

lock open iconFind only open classes

Click Change to the right on the Course Status filter.

Click Change

Choose the Open Classes Only filter and click Save.

Select Only Open Classes

select iconLook for ACE COURSES

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You can specify that you only want to see courses that satisfy an ACE outcome. Click the Search by Section Attribute tab to search by ACE requirement.

*Note: Courses offered for the semester will display if they satisfy the ACE requirement.

Search By Section Attribute

highlight iconLooking for Online/Distance Classes

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Click Change on the Instruction Modes filter.

Click Change

Then choose Online Distance Class and/or Online Class On-Campus Testing, click Save.

Online Distance Class and Online Class On-Campus Testing selected

clock iconHow to search by Class Number

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Add it via the Classic Enrollment method in MyRed. Type the course number into the Search by Class Nbr box and click on the course as it appears.

Search Class Number

You can make changes to the Class Options provided.

Class Options

computer iconHow to Drop Classes

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Click the Drop button on the Enrollment tab.

Drop Button

Click on the drop down arrow next to the class, and then click on Drop Class.

Drop Class

compass pointing east iconHow to edit Enrollment

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On the Current Schedule page, the Edit button allows you to change grading basis, variable credit hours and enter permission codes if applicable without dropping it.

*Note: All enrolled classes will display even if edits cannot be made. Drops should be processed using “Classic Enrollment” See How Do I Drop a Course.

Edit or Drop Classes

Here's a video on how to edit courses.

number iconHow to change a class with Variable Credit

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Use the Credits drop down box.

  • On the Shopping Cart page, click on the Edit Cart button.
  • On the My Current Schedule page, click on the Edit or Drop Classes button.

*Note: The box is only displayed if the class is offered as variable credit.


file swap iconHow to change a class between Grade and Pass/No Pass

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Use the Grading Basis drop down box.

  • On the Shopping Cart page, click on the Edit Cart button.
  • On the My Current Schedule page, click on the Edit or Drop Classes button.

*Note: The box is only displayed if the class is offered with the grading basis of student option.

Grading Basis

pen iconHow to add Classes into Shopping Cart

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Once you have chosen your preferred schedule, click Send to Shopping Cart.

*Note: Adding a class to your shopping cart does not reserve your spot in that class and does not mean you are registered. You can leave classes in your shopping cart as long as you want, but you are not actually registered in them until you complete the registration process.

Send to Shopping Cart

As you add the class sections to the shopping cart, you will be prompted to set your class preferences. These preferences can be changed later if needed. Click Next to advance to the next class.


Once preferences have been set for all classes, click Finish.


Once the classes are in the shopping cart, you have the option to Edit Your Cart and/or Register.

Shopping Cart

move up iconHow to Enroll into Classes

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To register for classes, navigate to the Shopping Cart page and click Register.


You will be prompted to confirm that you want to register.

Cancel will return you to the shopping cart.

Continue will process your enrollment.

Cancel and Continue

Once the processes have completed registration results are displayed. Carefully review any error messages you receive and take action to resolve the errors.

Error Message Example

*Please note: Successfully enrolled classes will be added to the My Current Schedule page. Unregistered classes will remain in the shopping cart. Either remove them or successfully complete the enrollment process.

Current Schedule

arrow iconHow to Email your Schedule

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On the expanded schedule view, click on the Email button to send your schedule to up to two people per email.

*Note: You can only email a potential schedule before adding to the shopping cart.


Enter only one recipient per field.

To and CC fields

list iconHow to Create a Favorite for your Planned Schedule

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Schedules can be favorited and named using the “Heart” button.

Name your schedule

On the Plan Schedule page, click on Favorites under Schedule to view the Favorite Schedules that you saved previously.


book iconHow to View or Order Textbooks

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Click the Textbook Online Ordering button on the Enrollment tab in MyRed.

Textbook Online Ordering

Clicking on the function will bring you to the Book Store page.

Book Store Page

document iconHow to view Class Notes

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Click View to display one of your generated schedules.


Click the blue information icon in order to see the drop-down with all of the required class information.

Blue Information Icon

money iconHow to view Class Fees

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Click the blue information icon in order to see the drop-down with the required class information. This blue information icon can be found on:

  • Plan Schedule page
  • Shopping Cart page
  • My Current Schedule page (icon changes to red)

Blue Information Icon and Special Fee

move up iconHow to pull Classes from Degree Planner

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Below is a video to show you how. If you prefer, screenshots and written steps are listed below the video.

Click Add Course on the Plan Schedule page.

Add Course

Click My Planner, and then choose the intended term. The classes that you have picked from your My Degree Planner will show up here.

My Planner

Check the box of the courses you would like to enroll into, and click the Add Course button. The checked courses will show up on the right-hand side. Click the Done button.


The checked courses will now appear on the Plan Schedule page.


You can generate possible schedules using the Generate Schedules button. Once possible schedules are generated, you can view and choose your most desired schedule.

Generate Schedules

Once you have chosen your preferred schedule, click Send to Shopping Cart.

Send to Shopping Cart

move up iconHow to Enter Hidden Classes

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Log into your MyRed and click the Enrollment tab. Choose the term you intend to find classes for. Next, put in the class number in the Search box provided.

Enrollment Tab

move up iconHow to Enter Permission Codes

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Click the Send to Shopping Cart button.

Send to Shopping Cart

Enter the permission code given by your advisor or your professor into the Permission Number box provided. Click Next.


move up iconHow to add yourself into the Wait List

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Click the Change button for Course Status.

Change button

Select the box next to Open & Full w/Waitlist Open option. Click Save.

Open and Full with Waitlist Open option

Select the class of your choice. Click the Generate Schedules button. Next, click View.

generate schedules

Click Send to Shopping Cart.

send to shopping cart

Check the Wait List box if you would like to be on this class wait list.

wait liest

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