Registration Tips and Techniques

How do I Bypass Class Search?

Each class has a unique “Class Number” for each term. This number can be up to 5 digits long and is listed in the on-line class schedule.

enter class number

If you know a class number you can add it directly to your shopping cart without doing a class search. Some classes may not appear in the class schedule and a department, instructor or adviser may give you the class number so you can directly add it to your shopping cart. Type the course number into the entry box and click on the Enter button. This will take you directly to the Enrollment Preferences page for the class as if you selected it from the class schedule.


What is Swap and how do I use it?

The Swap function allows you to swap a currently enrolled class for a different one. 

The advantage of using this function is that if the swap does not succeed, it does not drop your original class. Suppose you are trying to drop a class and add another class that meets at the same time and days of the week. 

Using add and drop functions you would first have to drop the class from your schedule and then try to add the new class. If you find out that you don’t qualify for the new class, you then have to try and add back your previous class. Using the swap function is a whole lot easier and faster.

swap class


What is Edit and how do I use it?

The Edit function allows you to change something about one of your classes without dropping it. 

edit class

For a variable credit hour class, it allows you to change the number of credit hours in the class. For a class that allows a change in grading options, it allows you to change a class between pass/no pass and a grade. For classes that have associated recitation or lab sections, it allows you to move from one lab or recitation section to another without going through the drop/add process (this only works when the lab or recitation carries no credit hours). 

You can do the same thing using the drop and add functions, but edit makes it much easier.


Class Search Tips

Looking for Honors Classes?

Honors classes have an H on the end of the course number. Search for them by looking for Course Numbers that contain an "H". Click the selection box next to the Course Number search field and choose “contains” rather than “is exactly” from the selection list. Type an H into the Course Number box. Now the search will only select course numbers that have an H or X in them.

search criteria honors


Skipping to the Right Course Subject

There are a lot of different course subjects and searching for the right one can be tedious each time. 

course subject criteria

There is a quick way to get close to the subject you want without manually running down the whole scroll bar. Just click on the dropdown list and then press the first letter of the subject area you want. This will bring you to the first subject that has that as the first letter.  

Let’s say you are interested in Mathematics courses. Clicking on the drop down box and then hitting the M key will bring you directly to Management - the first subject area listed under M. Mathematics is just down the list from Management.

criteria example


Looking for ACE Courses?

You can specify that you only want to see classes that satisty an ACE outcome. Select the drop down box next to Course Attribute to see a list of ACE outcomes. You can choose up to two (2) Course Attributes to search for courses that satisfy either ACE outcome.

ACE Outcomes

Looking for Classes that only meet on certain days?

You can specify the days of the week that you want to include or exclude from the class listing.  To only see classes that meet on Tuesday and Thursday you mark the Tuesday and Thursday check boxes and then select “include only these days” under the drop down list.  Only courses that meet both on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be listed. 

Two ACE Outcomes

Notice that you can select several different criteria under this selection and by using these different criteria you can include or exclude classes that meet on specific day(s) of the week. 

Days of week

Looking for Classes by Session?

Under Additional Search Criteria you can specify that you only want to see classes within a specific session.  This is most useful during the summer when classes are divided into sessions.  If you click the drop down box you will see a whole lot of weird and strange looking sessions.  Don’t be afraid!  For Fall and Spring terms we only use two – Regular Academic Session and Mini Session.  In Summer we only use Three Week, Eight Week, First Five Week, Second Five Week and Mini Session


Classes by Session


Looking for Online/Distance Delivery Classes?

Under Additional Search Criteria you can specify that you only want to see classes that meet at certain locations.  To search for distance courses choose Distance Delivery under location.  Only classes designated that way will be displayed.

Location Selection


Looking for East Campus Classes?

Under Additional Search Criteria you can specify that you only want to see classes that meet at certain locations.  To search for East Campus classes choose East Campus under the location.  Only classes designated that way will be displayed.


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