Change of Campus

Procedures and forms for changing from one University of Nebraska campus to another.

Students in good standing on any of the four campuses of the University of Nebraska may change campuses by the Change of Campus procedure. A student coming to the "new" campus becomes subject to admission procedures, entrance requirements, retention standards, academic policies and degree requirements on the "new" campus and in the "new" college. Students who have been academically dismissed by one campus within the University system will not be admitted by another campus. Students with GPA's that are less than 2.0 and who are currently enrolled may be asked to present their final semester grade report before an admission decision will be made. The online Change of Campus Request Form may be accessed here.

  1. An application fee is not required for undergraduate students.
  2. Transcripts from high schools and other colleges may not be required since they should be furnished by the Records Office of the "present" campus. All institutions attended must be listed.
  3. Entrance examinations are not required. (Graduate students should contact the Graduate Admissions Office, 1100 Seaton Hall (0619), 472-2875, for procedures.)
  4. Early registered students who wish to change their registration to another campus within the University system must cancel their previous registration, complete the online Change of Campus Request Form, and register on the desired campus.

Students must complete the online Change of Campus Request Form and Application for Admission. The procedure should be completed promptly and the filing date must conform to the "new" campus' published deadlines to establish eligibility for the student to begin study on the "new" campus.

  1. The "present" campus Records Office receives the request to authorize the forwarding of academic records.
  2. The Admissions Office may access the request online on the "new" campus.
  3. The student receives confirmation online that the request was submitted and is forwarded emails with further instructions.