Change preferred or chosen name

To allow some student latitude for using a preferred or chosen name

Students are required to provide their full legal name at the time of admission. However, they should be able to indicate how they would like to be addressed within the campus community regardless of their legal name.  Therefore, as long as the use of an individual’s ‘preferred/chosen name’ is not for the purposes of misrepresentation or falsification, it will be accommodated for campus use and documents except where the use of the individual’s legal name is required for university business or because of a legal need. The legal name will still be required and used for all official, external communication.

Students will be able to designate a preferred name/chosen name within MyRED. No legal documentation is required to make a change to the first and/or middle name used as a preferred/chosen name.

Preferred/Chosen Name will appear:

  • Rosters (class, correction, grade)
  • Canvas
  • NCard (front)

Legal Name will appear:

  • Official/unofficial transcripts
  • Student Clearinghouse
  • 1098T documentation
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid Processing
  • Student Consolidated Bills
  • NCard (back)