Incomplete Grade

Grading of work not completed in expected timeframe

What does it mean?

A course will be given the grade Incomplete or "I" when a student is unable to complete a course due to illness, military service, hardship, or death in the immediate family. Incompletes will be only given if the student has already substantially completed the major requirements of the course.

How is it changed?

UNDERGRADUATE: The instructor may complete an I-Form giving the following information when assigning an "I" grade:

  1. Conditions to be met in order to complete the course.
  2. Date course is to be completed which shall be no more than two years hence.
  3. Grade on work completed and percent of course work it represents.
  4. Grade to be assigned if "I" is not removed by date specified by the instructor.

Academic departments are responsible for following up on the time completion deadline identified on the I-Form and for initiating the Change of Student Record Form to remove the "I" grade. However, if a grade change form is not received by Office of the University Registrar by the date indicated, the Office of the University Registrar will assign the grade indicated specified by the instructor.

In instances where an I-Form is not received, the I grade will be considered expired one year after the end of the term and a failing grade will be posted to the student’s record for the course.


GRADUATE: The conditions as stated in the Graduate Bulletin shall apply.

  1. If an instructor leaves the University prior to the date on an I-Form for completion of a course, then the I- Form shall be used by the student and the academic department to allow the student to complete the course.
  2. The "I" is assigned at the discretion of the instructor in consultation with the student and following the Academic Senate guidelines.
  3. The "I" grade cannot be changed to a "W" grade.