Students Called into Military Service

Fair treatment for students involuntarily called into military service


This Policy shall be implemented in order that the University of Nebraska might provide equitable, consistent treatment to its students who are called into military service and to facilitate their ability to continue their education once that military service is completed.


Students who are regularly enrolled in any class or program offered by the University of Nebraska1 are eligible for the benefits described in this Policy, if they: (a) belong to a military unit that is called into active duty, or (b) are drafted and not eligible for deferment; such that the date upon which they are required to report to active duty prohibits them, as a practical matter, from completing the term in which they are enrolled.

For the benefit of eligible students residing in states other than Nebraska that are enrolled in distance education programs or coursework through the University of Nebraska, such eligibility will, to the extent required by law, extend to a spouse or dependent child for such distance education programs or coursework in accordance with the relevant rules of the state in which the student resides.

Course and Grade Options

An eligible student may elect to cancel registration in all classes in which he or she is enrolled at the time the call for duty is received. In such case, the student shall receive a full refund for all tuition and student fees paid on behalf of that student. In the alternative, the student may request his or her instructors to award a grade or an incomplete for all classes. If an incomplete is given, then the instructor shall file in the student's educational records and provide to the student specific instructions regarding the study and activities required to complete the course. If a grade and credit are awarded, then the instructor shall award a grade reflective of the student's performance, taking into consideration the quantity and nature of the curriculum through the time of the student's departure. Finally, the student shall have the option of withdrawing from selected courses, receiving a pro-rated refund of tuition and fees for those courses, while also opting to receive a grade or incomplete in other courses in which the student is enrolled. Executive Memorandum No. 23

Students Receiving Financial Aid

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in this Policy, administration of financial aid with respect to any eligible student shall be consistent with federal and state law. Students otherwise eligible for these benefits and receiving financial aid should immediately contact the financial aid office on their respective campuses, where each case must be addressed individually based upon the particular rules applicable to the relevant student. The campus financial aid offices shall address these matters in such a way so as to minimize the financial hardships to the student, while complying with the applicable law and regulations.


This Policy shall appear in all student catalogs and be placed on the websites of Central Administration and each Campus.

System Application

This Policy applies to all administrative units of the University of Nebraska. Each campus may provide supplemental policy guidance, consistent with this Policy, designed to implement the provisions herein, including guidance relating to fees associated with meals and housing, textbooks, parking, lab and course fees, as well as other ancillary fees.

Reference: October 17, 2001