Public Record Requests

Providing access to appropriate public records

Public Record Requests The University of Nebraska recognizes the importance of providing full access to public records at the request of citizens and the news media to ensure confidence in the institution. State law defines what a public record is and excludes confidential data.

Nebraska State Statutes (84-712 to 84-712.09) provide, in summary, for:

  1. The examination of public records at no charge during regular business hours,
  2. The payment of actual cost for the making of photocopies of original public records,
  3. The payment of the actual cost, for electronic data, including reasonably calculated actual cost of computer run time, any necessary analysis and programming, and the production of the report in the form furnished,
  4. A deposit from the requester prior to the fulfillment of the request in cases where the production of the public records is estimated to exceed $50, and
  5. Requests to be fulfilled not more than four business days after the actual receipt of the request or, in cases where fulfillment is not possible in that timeframe, a written explanation stating when the request can be fulfilled, an estimate of the cost, and an opportunity for the requester to modify the original request.

The University is not required to produce or generate any public record in a new or different form or format modified from that of the original public record; however, where practicable and affordable such requests may be honored. Practicable and affordable requests are those that do not interfere with the normal operation of the University nor place an undue financial burden on the University to be complied with. In most cases the requester shall pay for the cost of such public record request in full. In exceptional cases, where the President or his or her designee deems the request to be central to the public's right to know, the cost of a public records request may be discounted or waived.

While all Nebraska citizens have the right to access public information, the University will attempt to honor requests for information not in original form or format made by those providing information to a broad base of Nebraska citizens.