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What is the Academic Map?

Academic maps are sample four-year plans for each major at the University. These semester by semester plans help clarify which classes a student may take and assists in building their semester schedules. Academic maps are built for individual majors, students’ individualized maps may account for minors and multiple majors. An individualized map builder will be coming in the near future.

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How can I Access the Academic Map?

  1. Login to MyRED, hover over “Academics” in the main navigation. Click “Academic Maps” in the dropdown.
  2. In the Undergraduate Catalog, search for any major, and in the major page click on the 4-year plan tab.

Academic Map Years

What is a Catalog Year?

A student refers to a catalog year to identify their graduation requirements. A catalog year is usually a student’s first year at the University or the year they last updated their major.

How do I Find my Catalog Year?

A student can find their catalog year by checking Degree Audit or talking to their advisor.

Preview of the Academic Map with filters activated

Searching for a major

Type the name of your major in the search bar or click “Filters” to see majors by college.

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Tips to Reading an Academic Map

Term: A term coincides with a student’s semester of enrollment. For example, for a student who starts their academic career in the fall, TERM 1 would refer to their first fall semester.
Each term contains a list of requirements that consist of the courses, milestones, and performance measures students should complete within the term. These requirements are drawn from the degree audit.

HR: Refers to course credit hours. Each requirement has the credit hours associated with the course. The heading contains total credit hours for the term.

Critical Icon:   Indicates completing this course/performance requirement/milestone in the designated semester is critical to students’ academic success and timely graduation.