speech bubble question icon What is Degree Audit?

Degree Audit is a computer generated document outlining your undergraduate academic progress. This record uses your UNL coursework, transfer coursework, and courses in progress in order to determine your progress toward degree completion.

Degree Audit does not replace the Undergraduate Catalog as a resource for requirements.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Undergraduate Catalog states that an Achievement Centered Education (ACE) program is required of all undergraduate students entering UNL beginning Fall 2010. This program is comprised of ten Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Written Texts
  • Communication Skills
  • Mathematical or Formal Reasoning Skills
  • Scientific Methods
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • the Arts
  • Ethical Principles
  • Global Awareness
  • Integration of Abilities

As a student, you are required to meet your College's general graduation requirements and complete the Achievement Centered Education program, in addition to completing other coursework pertinent to your major.

Degree Audit is able to measure your progress in meeting these requirements by itemizing the individual components and breaking down each area into sub-groups or sub-requirements. Each sub-group is independent and must be satisfactorily completed.

The overall fulfillment of the requirement is dependent upon the completion of all sub-groups within that requirement (e.g. ACE is not complete if you lack an ACE 10 course).

computer graph icon How Do I Get Degree Audit?

To view your degree audit, sign in to MyRED and click on the Degree Audit button on either the Home page or on the Academics tab under Important Links

Advisors also have access to Degree Audit and are available to discuss your academic progress.

Degree audit button on MyRED page

 Click academics, then degree audit

person with question mark icon Will Degree Audit Replace Advising?

Degree Audit is a tool that enables students to measure their academic progress. Students are encouraged to continue to meet with an academic advisor if questions arise regarding classes, scheduling, prerequisites, etc.

content question icon What Does the Information at the Top Mean?

The first line lists the date and time your degree audit was run. Your student ID number is also on the top line.

The next line gives your full name.

The degree you are trying to obtain and your major are on the third line, as well as the year of the Undergraduate Catalog that you should be following.

The last line contains the name of your academic advisor. You academic advisor is a resource for questions regarding internships and careers. An academic advisor should be contacted with questions regarding your degree audit, courses, schedules, or requirements.

bookmark article icon Information Contained in the Body of Your Audit 

College Entrance Requirements

Course work completed for admission to the University is listed in this section. A "-" indicates a deficiency, which must be completed as soon as possible. If you have any questions, see your academic advisor.

Courses Which Do Not Count Toward Graduation

This section reminds you of course work that is NOT counted toward your degree.

General Graduation Requirements

This is a summary of the requirements for every UNL student, including but not limited to, the residency rule and the minimum number of degree hours required to graduate. Although the "minimum" hours needed to graduate is reported here, you may need additional hours to fulfill requirements.

College-Specific Limits and Requirements

These sections indicate certain limits employed by your specific college which your coursework will be subject to (eg. Pass/No Pass, C-/D Grades, etc.), as well as the expectations of your college beyond General Graduation requirements.

Achievement Centered Education (ACE)

This is a summary of your progress toward the completion of your 10 required ACE courses. Please note: one course from each Student Learning Outcome must be completed; and, no more than 9 hours may be taken from any one department in ACE outcomes 4-10. An ACE course approved for more than one outcome will fulfill one ACE outcome only.

Major-Specific Requirements

This/these area(s) clarify which courses are needed to meet the educational requirement of your specific major.

information circle icon Miscellaneous

  • The numeric code preceding your course name and number is the term in which you completed the class.
  • Classes in which you are currently enrolled but have not yet received a grade for are denoted by "IN-P---->" (In Progress).
  • Classes that you have registered for during an upcoming semester are denoted by PREG.
  • GNCR: Courses taken at institutions other than UNL and are not direct equivalencies to UNL. These courses appear as "GNCR***" credit. Please see an academic advisor if you have questions regarding the use of this coursework toward specific degree requirements.

Important Notice

It is imperative that you read the notices at the top of your degree audit. 

Degree Audit is an internal document used for advising. It is not an official certification of your academic record; therefore, it is unlawful to transmit this document to a third party. If you need an official transcript of your academic program, contact Husker Hub at 102 Canfield Administration Building or order one through MyRED

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