Before You Register

It’s time to register for classes!
Here is some information on what to take care of before you register. It is important to read and understand the procedures and restrictions before registering for classes. Please contact us if you have any questions.

alarm clock iconRegister Early

It is to your advantage to register for classes early and to pay your consolidated statement by the payment deadline. You will have access to a wider selection of classes.

The following colleges restrict access into their courses; see Eligibility to Enroll for additional information:

  • Architecture
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Journalism and Mass Communications

A mandatory fee will be assessed for:

  • Registering for classes ($20.00)

A special service fee will be assessed for:

  • Processing an initial registration during the Late Registration period ($100.00)

For additional information regarding Tuition and Fees rates see Student Accounts.

finger pointing iconChoose Your Courses

Work out a preliminary schedule before seeing your advisor. Be sure to include any lab, quiz, and/or recitation required in addition to a lecture section. It is also a good idea to make note of alternate courses in case your first choice is closed. Note any course you plan to take on a "Pass/No Pass" (P/N) basis.

calendar iconSee Your Advisor

See your advisor to have your program approved and to discuss your class selections. Plan to meet with your academic advisor to discuss which classes to enroll in before your registration date. You can find your advisor’s contact information in MyRED under the Academics tab. You may be able to schedule an appointment with some academic advisors by using the Student Success Hub tab in Before your advising meeting use the Degree Audit tool in MyRED and the information available in the Undergraduate Catalog to identify potential courses in which to enroll. If you do not know how to use these resources your academic advisor can introduce them to you. During your advising meeting, you and your advisor will work together to identify appropriate courses in which you could enroll. After your advising meeting you can put the courses discussed into your shopping cart and complete the registration process in MyRED.

All College of Architecture students are required to have their advisor's approval of all class registrations.

If a class is marked as requiring department consent, obtain a 4-6 digit permission code from the department before registering for the course. Permission codes are section specific, one-time use numbers and are required for department permission classes. Permission codes cannot be used after late registration.

Be Sure the Office of the University Registrar Has Your Correct Addresses

Unless we have a current mailing and email address, important information may be misdirected. See Personal Record Changes for more on verifying and updating your addresses.

Nebraska NAccess MyRED to Register for Classes

After your initial registration, you can adjust your schedule by dropping, adding or swapping classes through MyRED. However, there are certain deadlines after which you cannot add or drop classes. Be sure to review the Academic Calendar and Add/Drop/Withdraw.

Graduate Students must bring schedule adjustment forms for late registration to the Office of Graduate Studies, 1100 Seaton Hall.

lock iconIncompletes

Important. Do not register for any course in which you currently have a grade of "I" (Incomplete). You should not re-register for an incomplete course during the time frame established by the instructor for the removal of an Incomplete. If you re-register for a course in which you are removing a grade of "I", you will be assessed tuition.

Arrangements to remove an Incomplete (grade of "I") should be made with the instructor who taught the course. If an instructor leaves the University prior to the date set for the completion of a course, the chair of the academic department of the course will assume the role of the instructor.

To remove a grade of "I", the instructor must submit a "Change of Student Record Form" to the Office of the University Registrar,  002 Canfield Administration Building, South. The instructor cannot change a grade of "I" to a grade of "W".

Note: At the undergraduate level when an "I" is given and no "I-Form" is filed, the "I" will lapse into the grade of "F" after one calendar year.

disable sign iconStudents With Disabilities

Students with disabilities who would like accommodations or assistance with registration should contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), 117 Louise Pound Hall, 472-3787 (TDD: 402-472-0053).

broken link iconRegistration Tampering

A student who tampers or attempts to tamper with the registration records of another student, including but not limited to dropping and adding classes will be subject to disciplinary action as defined in the Student Code of Conduct.

pen iconUnauthorized Signatures

The use of a person's signature without permission is a serious matter and the consequences can be severe. Possible consequences include:

  1. Being dropped from the course by the instructor, department chair, dean of the college, or the University.
  2. Loss of tuition paid for the course.
  3. University disciplinary action such as probation, suspension, expulsion, and correction of all course grades.
  4. Loss of priority for the course or courses during registration.

The above applies to all documents used by the University that may require a signature. Such documents include "Change of Student Record Form", "Schedule Adjustment Form", and "Override Authorization Form".

list block iconCredit Hour Limits

Each college specifies a maximum number of credit hours for which a student may enroll during each of the summer sessions. Credit hour enrollment cannot exceed the limit for the student’s college without written permission of the college Dean’s Office. See tables in Maximum Credit Hour Load page for specific college information.

half of a timer iconMini Session Courses

Mini session courses are courses that are less than a semester's duration. Students should register for mini-courses prior to the last day to add courses. These courses follow a special prorated schedule for drop and late drop with grade of "W" periods.

For specific dates that apply to each mini-course, contact:
Husker Hub
(402) 472-2030

For particular charges and refund dates applying to each mini-course, contact:
Office of Student Accounts
(402) 472-2887

Mini-courses can be located online by using Additional Search Criteria (Session: "Mini Session") in MyRED under Class Search. The final examination for a mini-course is to be on the last meeting day of the course.

highlighter iconAuditing Classes

Auditing gives a currently enrolled student (or currently admitted student) the privilege of attending class, but credit is not earned and a grade is not assigned when auditing a class.

All persons wishing to audit a course must be admitted and eligible to enroll in classes for the term in which they audit. Courses involving extensive laboratory work are generally not open to auditors.

If you wish to audit a course, take the following steps:

  1. Register for the class you wish to audit.
  2. Obtain the instructor's permission to audit the course.
  3. The instructor must then email (via their UNL email account) the Office of the University Registrar with all details to, no later than the last day to add a class for the term. See: Academic Calendar

Audited classes carry no credit and do not count toward full-time status. All audit requests for a term must be returned to the Office of the University Registrar (, no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day to add a class.

Audit requests turned in after the deadline will not be honored and the student will be subject to a grade. You cannot change a course to audit on MyRED.

The fee for auditing a course is the same as the regular resident or non-resident tuition for the term, and both UPFF and other course fees apply to the class.

Classes that are audited will have an "AU" designation on the student's transcript.

money bag icon Payment of Financial Obligations

Failure by a student to pay a financial obligation to the University or any department, division, or agency thereof, will result in denial of readmission, denial of transcripts, denial of registration for ensuing terms, withholding of diplomas, and may result in an administrative cancellation of enrollment until the debt is paid in full. NOTE: See "Registration Hold/Service Indicators" under "Eligibility to Enroll" for the corresponding semester.

Past due accounts will be subject for assignment to a professional collection agency and collection costs may be added to the delinquent account.

In the event that your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, we may re-present your check electronically. In the ordinary course of business, your check will not be provided to you with your bank statement.

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