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Last Updated: May, 2016

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information iconGeneral Information on the Correction Rosters:

The purpose of the Correction Roster is to give you the opportunity to review a current listing of students registered in your course and to verify important course information, i.e., grade type, etc. This process assists us in furnishing accurate and complete final grade rosters, in the collecting and processing of final grades, and in the proper assessment of tuition and fees.

Students wanting to add courses or register late must complete a Schedule Adjustment Form, obtain the signature of the instructor and approval of their college, and process the form at Husker Hub, 130 Louise Pound Hall.

Students who fail to drop their course in MyRED or at Husker Hub, 130 Louise Pound Hall will appear on the final grade roster. The student then is to be graded according to University policy.

If you have questions regarding Correction Rosters, contact the Office of the University Registrar, 231 Mabel Lee Hall at 402-472-3635.

1Step 1. Navigate to your Correction Rosters

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. From the Current Student Link, click on the MyRED Link.
  4. Enter your NUID number in the NUID field.
  5. Enter your TrueYou password (the same one that is used to access firefly).
  6. Click Log In

Log in Screen

7. Click on the Faculty tab.

Faculty Tab Highlighted

8. Click on the Grade Roster tab.

Grade Roster Tab Highlighted

9. To view and complete your correction rosters, click on Ready status in the Correction Roster column.

Ready in the Correction Roster Column highlighted

10. A light box will appear within the browser.

2Step 2. Edit Correction Roster

Once the correction roster appears, you can make your edits to the class. If you do not need to make any changes to the correction roster, continue on to Step 3.

Attendance Correction: Select one of the attendance statuses from the drop down box.
Note: All rosters will default to Attending.

Attendance Correction Column Highlighted

When Stopped Attending is selected, identify the specific date in the next column.

Attendance Correction Dropdown and Calendar icon in Attendance to Date column highlighted

Grading Basis: Change the student’s grading basis if necessary.
Note: If the class is only offered as Graded or P/N, you will not see a drop down box.

Credit Hours: Change the student’s credit hours for the course.
Note: The ability to change credit hours is only for those courses that are offered variable credit.

Swap Section, Grading Basis, and Credit Hours Highlighted

Swap Section: Indicate if a student needs to be switched to another section of the course.
Note: If there is only one section of the course offered this term, you will not be able to edit this column.

Look up Swap Section

Class-wide Comment: Enter any comments or additional information concerning the enrollment of the whole class.

Comments: Enter any comments or additional information regarding the student’s enrollment.

Class Wide Comment box and Comment Column Highlighted

3Step 3. Complete Correction Roster

When the correction roster is complete with all necessary edits made, select Completed and click Save so the roster can be submitted.

Save button

After saving the correction roster, close the light box to return to the Grade Roster tab to access other rosters. Notice the roster status has changed from Ready to Completed.

Completed under Correction Roster Column highlighted