Finals Week Policy

To properly administer final exams

  • In the event of a conflict, exams for regularly scheduled classes take precedence over unit exams.
  • Mini-courses will be examined on the last meeting day of the course.
  • The Beadle Center is considered a city campus building. Use the city campus time schedule to determine final exam times.
  • Use the east campus time schedule to determine final exam times for all classes taken at buildings located on the Nebraska Innovation Campus.
  • Exams for classes may be scheduled at other times during Final Exam Week upon mutual agreement of all concerned. The Instructor is responsible for finding an alternate location for the final examination.
  • Online distance classes, and online class on-campus testing courses should have the final examination completed before noon Friday of Final Exam Week.
  • Final exams end at noon on Friday of Final Exam Week.

In the event that you are scheduled to take three or more final examinations in one day during the final exam week, you may:

  1. Take all final examinations as scheduled.
  2. Consult with instructors and/or departments giving the final examinations to determine if a make-up final examination is or can be scheduled within the Final Exam Week.
  3. If, and only if, no make-up final examination is available, you must give notice in writing to the instructor(s) or department(s) of the third and subsequent final examination that is scheduled to meet within one day. Such notification must be made to the instructor(s) or department(s), as noted above, before the end of the twelfth week of classes. The instructor(s) of the third and subsequent final examination is (are) then obligated to provide an alternative final examination time during Final Exam Week. The instructor is responsible for finding the space for conducting the alternate final examination.