Student Record and Transcript Policies

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Access to a student's record is confidential. Academic transcripts are issued only upon request request by the student. Transcript orders can be picked up in person, sent/mailed by hard copy or delivered electronically. A written release from the student is necessary to issue transcripts to parties other than the student such as spouses, parents, employers, or other colleges. Transcripts may be issued without release by the student when a court order has been issued. There is no transcript fee, however, there is a charge for special delivery service. No requests for transcripts are taken by phone. Transcript requests can be completed on-line at:

Hours earned at an accredited collegiate institution are made a matter of record by the University. All hours presented on an application for transfer, however, will be evaluated by the University which reserves the right to accept or reject any of them for transfer credit. 

Office of the University Registrar will not reproduce a transcript from another institution. Such requests should be made to the institution where the transcript originated. 

Transcripts are provided in full only. No transcripts will be issued with an incomplete or partial record of a student's program-to-date. A student's cumulative average will include grades earned only at the University of Nebraska (UNL, UNMC, UNO, and UNK). Notations of academic dismissal on the academic record are removed once a student receives a degree.

Transcripts are NOT issued when the student has an outstanding financial obligation or other ‘holds’ with one or more University departments or agencies.