Academic Reinstatement

Academic advisors should use the Appeal for Academic Reinstatement when meeting with an undergraduate student who has been dismissed and wishes to file an appeal for academic reinstatement. To learn more about the circumstances and timing under which an appeal can be filed, please review the Appeal for Academic Reinstatement Information for Students page.

Filling out the form

Students should not fill out the Appeal for Academic Reinstatement on their own. Academic advisors and students should meet and fill out the following sections on the form:

  • Student Information
  • Academic Plan For Next Semester
  • Student Verification

Academic advisors should then return the form to their College Representative (usually the College Advising/Dean’s Office) and the College Representative will complete the College Representative section on the form.


If an academic advisor has questions about how to fill out this form when working with a student or is unsure if they are the correct person to be filling out this form, they should contact their college academic advising leader.