General Purpose Classrooms - Special Events

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General Purpose rooms are available for special events on a first come, first serve basis for University of Nebraska-Lincoln departments, or by recognized University of Nebraska-Lincoln student groups. Due to reasons of security GP classrooms are not available for public events.

All special event requests should be made at least one week in advance to the date(s) required.  Please allow 5 business days for processing event requests.

Click here for General Purpose Classroom locations, seating capacities, and technology details.

calendar iconScheduling Times

General hours for event scheduling are 7 AM-10 PM Sunday-Saturday, however there are further restrictions for some rooms.

Any additional time needed for setting up prior to a special event and tearing down afterwards must be factored into the start and end times submitted for all reservation requests.

No special events are to be held during the Fall or Spring finals week, or during any holidays when campus is shut down.

No special events can be scheduled on City Campus during home football game days.

no food iconRules and Safety

UNL COVID-19 SAFETY REMINDER:  Please see Recommendations for Safe Events under Event Guidelines for organizing, sponsoring and hosting university events.

All special events held in GP classrooms are subject to the Youth Activity Safety Policy.

Use of food and drink is prohibited in General Purpose classrooms.

Events held in General Purpose rooms must be conducted in an orderly fashion and within the confines of the assigned classrooms in order to not disturb the classes and UNL offices located in the surrounding areas.

Use of paint or other arts and crafts materials is prohibited in General Purpose classrooms.

Rooms are to be left in the same orderly fashion in which they are originally found.  Furniture may not be removed from General Purpose classrooms.  Equipment is to be turned off, white boards and chalk boards cleared, refuse picked up, and the furniture returned to its original configuration before leaving the space.

General Purpose rooms are to remain unlocked at all times, therefore DO NOT leave any personal or departmental articles or belongings unattended in rooms; University of Nebraska-Lincoln cannot be held responsible if anything is lost, damaged, or stolen.  Found items may be turned over to University of Nebraska-Lincoln Campus Police.

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information iconEmergency Access Contacts

Call the Facilities Service Desk at (402)472-1550 if you are locked out of the internal doors to your special event classroom before or after the standard office hours of Monday-Friday from 8 AM-5 PM.

Call the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Campus Police at (402)472-2222 if you are locked out of the external doors to a building in which you have a special event scheduled before or after the standard office hours of Monday-Friday from 8 AM-5 PM.