Online Graduation Application

1Access to the Application

The link to the online Graduation Application can be found in MyRED under the Academics tab.

Graduation Application page

2Online Graduation Application

When you click on the link, the Graduation Application will appear in a new tab. Application items will appear here. This includes questions and information that is required to apply for graduation. Navigate through the application by clicking on Next or Back. These buttons can be found at the bottom of each page.

Application for Graduation navigation

3Personal Information

Outline of the application is on the left. Carefully read all sections on the application and fill in blanks as necessary. Required information is designated throughout the form with either a "*" or "*required." If these items are left blank, a warning message will appear. To continue on in the application, all required items must be completed.

Application for Graduation personal information page

4Degree Information

You must select the degree(s) in which you are applying for this term. Your application will be incomplete without this information, and it will not be processed. If you are adding majors/minors or removing majors/minors from your current program, note those changes here. You must visit with your undergraduate advisor and complete a CDMA to make it official.

Graduate students must visit with Graduate Studies to officially change your major or minor or add a specialization.

Application for Graduation degree information page

5Enrollment Information

If you are taking course work at another institution this term to complete your UNL degree requirements, enter the transfer course information on this page.

Application for Graduation Enrollment Information page

6Submit Application

If you need to make any edits to the application, use the Back button to navigate back through the application again. Once you click Submit, you cannot edit your application.

Are you all done? Click Submit to complete your application for graduation!

Submit and back buttons

7Confirmation Receipt

After clicking Submit you will see a list of charges. If you applied for one degree or certificate, there will be a charge of $25. If you applied for two degrees or certificates, there will be a charge of $50.

Fees shown

8Confirmation Message

After you complete your application, it will be submitted for processing by Graduation Services. When your application is processed, you will see a Thank You message in your MyRED Message Center under Messages. Processing may take 1 business day.

Confirmation Message shown

If you have any questions about the application or encounter problems in completing the application, please contact Graduation Services at or 402-472-3635 option 3.