How to Choose Courses

When registering for classes, students can check the course delivery method to find out if the class will be held in-person, via web conferencing, or online by searching "Mode of Instruction" in the Class Search or "Instruction Mode" in the Enrollment Scheduler. Students can also review the course attributes for days, times, locations, and section attributes for ACE designations, related section information, and if the course will use split delivery for in-person courses during the spring 2021 term.

It is important to check if the class will have a synchronous component, meaning students will be required to attend class in-person or on Zoom at specific days and times, or if the class is asynchronous, meaning students will complete all coursework on their own and not be required to join a scheduled class session.

Students should be familiar with the university's class attendance policy and procedures for requesting an accommodation, if needed. Faculty Senate has extended their course attendance and engagement expectations guidance through the spring and summer semesters.

There are three delivery methods for course instruction.



In-Person courses will take place in a physical classroom or location where the instructor and students interact with each other on scheduled days and times.

For Spring 2021, if a course does not meet in person for every class, it will be flagged as In-Person (Split). This means courses will allow for every student to be in-person for at least one class per week.* On days when students do not attend in person, they will engage with the course remotely or independently with materials provided by the instructor.

For Summer 2021, the In-Person (Split) format will not be a course delivery option. This means courses will allow for every student to be in-person for every class.

Students will be expected to attend all of their in-person classes unless they have an approved accommodation, are in quarantine or isolation, or have an instructor-approved absence.

Field courses are considered In-Person courses with instruction taking place at another physical location such as an internship setting, student teaching location, or outdoor laboratory.

Instruction Modes/Instructional Method

  • In Person (P)
  • Nebraska Now – In Person (PH) *Only for Nebraska Now students
  • Field (EF)

* There may be some instances when classes originally scheduled to meet only once a week may be in-person every other week to comply with classroom capacity requirements.


Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing courses will use a web-based video conferencing platform like Zoom where the instructor and students can interact with each other on scheduled days and times with a real-time, remote classroom experience.

These courses may be supplemented with other components, including independent learning modules or optional in-person opportunities, and provide flexibility for students who prefer to engage with real-time course content without being physically present in the classroom.

Students will be expected to attend all of their web conferencing classes unless they are ill and in isolation or have an instructor-approved absence.

Instruction Modes/Instructional Method

  • Web Conferencing (EW)


Online courses are designed to allow students to move forward independently through learning modules without a traditional classroom experience and provide maximum flexibility for a student’s schedule.

Course content is usually fully developed and available before the semester starts, and students follow specific deadlines for engagement and completion of assignments, exams, and projects.

Instruction Modes/Instructional Method

  • Online Distance Class (ES)
  • MBA/MEM Online Distance Class (EM)
  • Nebraska Now – Online (EH) *Only for Nebraska Now Students
  • Contract Class (EC)

How to Plan Your Schedule

The Enrollment Scheduler in MyRED can help students plan their schedules. Course delivery methods, along with other class attributes such as days, times, and locations, are available within the system.

Students should be mindful of courses with related sections like labs and recitations. Different sections may have different delivery methods. For example, a lecture could be Online with a recitation that could be In-Person. Different delivery methods will affect the schedule and tuition and fees.

Tuition is charged based on the delivery method of the credit-bearing course. In other words, 0-credit hour labs and recitations are not assessed tuition or course associated fees (University Program and Facilities Fees and Online Course Fees).

Students will receive a "Spring 2021 Fee Reduction" if their total Online Course Fees plus Program Facilities Fees for that term are more than $722. Students will receive a "Summer 2021 Fee Reduction" if their total Online Course Fees plus University Program Facilities Fees are more than $241 across all sessions. The fee reductions do not include technology, library or other course and lab fees.

Course and lab fees are specific to a course and charges on applicable courses will be indicated in the notes section in the schedule of courses.