The Academic Senate Grading and Examinations Committee, and the Office of the University Registrar recognize the importance and need of placing final grades in the hands of students prior to their return to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Academic standards (probation/dismissal), transcripts, and scholarship awards are all dependent on the timely collection and distribution of grades.

check mark iconGrading Policy Statement

In accordance with the Bylaws of the Board of Regents, "Students will be informed of the requirements, standards, objectives, and evaluation procedures at the beginning of each individual course."

The Academic Senate recommends that the grading policy in a course be stated in written form whenever possible and that the statement clarify any policy governing the 'Pass/No Pass' (P/N) option and allowing or removing grades of 'I' (Incomplete). Failure to inform students of special restrictions in these areas could be grounds for a grading appeal.

highlight iconGeneral Grading Information

Acceptable passing grades are A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and P. Students registered Pass/No Pass must earn a grade of 'C' or better for a 'P' grade.

A grade of 'F' represents that the student did not pass the course. The 'F' is factored into the Grade Point Average.

A grade of 'I' signifies that the student was not able to complete the course. The student will be allowed to complete the course WITHOUT re-registering. All 'I' grades issued for undergraduate courses will automatically expire and be replaced with a failing grade one year after the end of the current term, unless a grade change form is received prior to that time.

If you wish to specify a different time period for completion or a different final grade at expiration, you must submit an 'I-Form' to the Office of the University Registrar. The white original of the I-Form for each undergraduate student given an 'I' grade should be sent to

A grade of 'P' indicates that the student will receive credit. The 'P' is not factored into the Grade Point Average. A grade of 'N' indicates that the student will not receive credit. The 'N' is not factored into the Grade Point Average. Grades of 'P' or 'N' may be assigned in 899 and 999 graduate courses.

A grade of 'W' denotes that the student officially withdrew from the course. The 'W' is not factored into the Grade Point Average.

plus minus iconGrade Changes

After final grades have been submitted, grade changes can be entered in MyRED after the submission deadline. See Faculty - Grade Changes Tutorial for Grade Change instructions.

selecting list iconFinal Grades

Final grades are due within five calendar days (excluding Sunday and holidays if applicable) after the scheduled final exam date. You need not wait until the due date to submit your grades. It will greatly assist us if grades are submitted as soon as possible.

Fall Semester 2023:

Final Exam Date Final Grade Roster Due
Monday, December 11 Saturday, December 16
Tuesday, December 12 Monday, December 18
Wednesday, December 13 Tuesday, December 19
Thursday, December 14 Wednesday, December 20
Friday, December 15 Thursday, December 21

Spring Semester 2024:

Final Exam Date Final Grade Roster Due
Pre-Session 5 days after the final exam/project is due
Monday, May 13 Saturday, May 18
Tuesday, May 14 Monday, May 20
Wednesday, May 15 Tuesday, May 21
Thursday, May 16 Wednesday, May 22
Friday, May 17 Thursday, May 23

Summer 2024:

Final Exam Date Final Grade Roster Due
3-Week Session: Friday, June 7 Thursday, June 13
8-Week Session: Friday, July 12 Thursday, July 18
First Five Week Session: Friday, July 12 Thursday, July 18
Second Five Week Session: Thursday, August 15 Wednesday, August 21

Instructors must enter grades into the Final Grade Roster in MyRED.  Only the instructor with grade approval authority for the course will have access to approve the final grades for submission to be posted to the student’s record. See Faculty - Final Grades Tutorial for detailed MyRED Final Grade Roster instructions.

For the fall and spring semesters, grades not submitted within five calendar days (excluding Sunday and holidays if applicable) after the scheduled final exam date, will show 'NR' (No Report) for that particular course. For summer sessions, courses with grades not submitted by the fifth calendar day after the scheduled final exam date, will show 'NR' for that course at the end of the summer term. Grades will be available to students via MyRED each evening after the grades submitted that day are posted. 

If you will not be able to meet the deadline for these rosters, please contact the Office of the University Registrar,, 402-472-3635.

We will try to accommodate emergency situations. However, the grades still must be accounted for by the deadline for the last day of final exams. Your cooperation in adhering to this schedule is greatly appreciated by students and the staff involved in processing final grades.

If you have questions concerning final grade rosters submission or if you need a supply of I-Forms, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 402-472-3635.

Graduating Senior Degree Grade Rosters

Instructors who have graduating seniors enrolled in their classes will have a Degree Grade Roster available in MyRED listing the names of degree candidates registered. The rosters are made available four weeks prior to Commencement and are due by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester 2023: Friday, December 1
  • Spring Semester 2024: Friday, May 3
  • Summer 2024: Friday, July 26

Instructors are required to submit a degree grade on each enrolled degree candidate where the grades are used to determine eligibility for graduation. The advanced grades are subject to change until a time established by the Academic Senate (usually 4:00 p.m. on the last day of final examinations). If all reports are satisfactory, the student is permitted to graduate. Unsatisfactory grades will result in the candidate being notified that he or she may be deleted from the graduation list.

If an instructor does not report a deficiency to Graduation Services, 402-472-3635 ext 3, by the stated deadline, the student will graduate based on the advanced grades on file. If a final grade roster lists a deficient grade for a person who has graduated, the advanced grade will be recorded as the final grade since the deficiency was not reported to Office of the University Registrar before Commencement.

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handing a paper iconRetention of Materials Used in the Academic Evaluation of Students

Faculty members must decide either:

  1. To retain custody of materials, such as examinations, term papers, and written creative assignments used in the academic evaluation of their students for at least 1 term after course completion for uncontested grades or 1 term after contested grade results are resolved,
  2. To make a reasonable effort to return these materials to the student's custody. Student materials should not be left for pick up in an unsupervised, public place.

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