Online & Distance Education

computer iconWhat is an online course?

Courses using online, web-based instruction, satellite transmission, video-conferencing, email or Canvas software, desktop video-conferencing, and video-streaming technologies are examples of online on-campus and/or off-campus distance education offerings at UNL. Online/distance education courses appear in the Schedule of Classes.

select list iconHow to register

Students register for these courses by using MyRED. For answers to questions about the distance education programs and services, contact Undergraduate Admissions at 402-472-2023 or Graduate Studies at 402-472- 2875.

It is recommended that you register for distance education courses no later than one week before the class begins. This will allow time for the department and/or instructor to forward to you the necessary information. You must be admitted to University of Nebraska - Lincoln and have a password set up through TrueYou in order to use MyRED.

pen iconTesting Requirements

There are online courses with on-campus testing requirements. These courses are intended for local students and can be found in the MyRED Class Search by choosing Mode of Instruction, Online Class On-Campus Testing. Proctored examinations are taken at one of the testing centers on campus or as directed by the instructor.

Other online courses have no on-campus testing requirement. These courses can be used by both local students and students living away from campus and can be found in the MyRED Class Search choosing Mode of Instruction, Online Distance Class. For testing, students can use one of the testing centers on campus or find an approved proctor in their local area.

You can also find online/distance classes by specifying "Distance Delivery" under location.

money iconTuition and Fees

Students should check the Tuition and Fees page in the Student Accounts website for rates.

In addition, resident and non-resident students are assessed:

Distance Education Fee $35 per credit hour
Technology Fee $11 per credit hour
Library Fee $6.25 per credit hour
Registration Fee $20 per semester

Some courses may also have additional "Special Fees".

Students taking a combination of on-campus, in-person, and online/distance education courses are assessed "University Program Facilities Fees" (UPFF) based on total hours of enrollment. Degree seeking students enrolled in distance education courses are eligible for financial aid and scholarships according to the same criteria as students enrolled in on-campus courses.

handing paper iconFinal Exams

Final Exams for all online/distance term-based courses must be completed by noon, Friday of the Examination Week.

enter iconOnline & Distance Education Admission


Admission can be accomplished by completing the appropriate online application in the Office of Admissions application website.  Follow the directions, and use the credit card payment option.


Students who hold an undergraduate and/or graduate degree(s) must have a current graduate admission status to enroll for distance education courses. Admission can be accomplished by completing an application via the Graduate Studies website. Graduate students who have not attended University of Nebraska-Lincoln for three consecutive terms who wish to reactivate their enrollment admission status be made current by emailing to request a Returning Graduate Student form if they need to reactivate their former status.

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