MyRED Overview

Advisor Self Service - General Overview

1Signing into MyRED

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. From the Current Student Link, click on the MyRED Link.
  4. Enter your NUID number in the NUID field.
  5. Enter your password. (Use the password you use to access Firefly)
  6. Click Sign In

The Advisor Tab is the default tab. Click on the links to access other tabs.
*The Student Lookup allows you to search by NUID or last name

Tabs Highlighted

2Additional Services

Additional Services are found on your Home Page. Each link opens in a new tab or browser.

additional services section highlighted

3My Advisees Tab

To filter your advisees, click the checkboxes next to the criteria you wish to view. Then, click the Apply Filters button.

Apply Filters Button Highlighted

To clear your filters, click clear all.

Clear All link highlighted

Click the drop down box next to the NUID to view more detailed information for a particular

Drop Down arrow under NUID Highlighted

4Manage Service Indicators

The Manage Service Indicators link will allow you to view and release academic probation
holds for your advisees.

If the student has an academic probation hold, you will see the hold under Service Indicator Summary. To release the hold, click on PRO to view the Edit Service Indicator box.

PRO link in Code Column Highlighted
Click the Release button to clear the student of an advising hold.
Release Button Highlighted

After the hold is removed, the student's original hold will be removed from the Service Indicator Summary. Close the light box by clicking on the red X in the upper right hand corner.

Pop up box close button highlighted

5Advisee Student Center

The Advisee Student Center view is designed to give a quick snapshot of the student’s current
schedule and contact information. Through the drop-down box you have links to Course
History, Grades, Transcripts and Transfer Credit Report.

Drop down box under Academics Highlighted

6View Unofficial Transcript

The View Unofficial Transcript section allows you to review the student’s unofficial academic
record from UNL, as well as any previous requests made for the unofficial transcript (make sure
your pop-up blockers are turned off to allow for the report to open).

Select the Academic Institution and then the report Type from the drop-down boxes.

Select View All Requested Reports to review any previous requests.

Academic Institution drop-down, Report Type Drop-down, and View All Requested Reports Button highlighted

7Registration Audit

The Registration Audit view allows you to review the student’s registration for each term they have enrolled.

Select the term to be reviewed to see the detail.

Term row highlighted

Registration Audit example screen:

Registration Audit Example Screen


8MyRED Student View

The Student MyRED View allows you to see the student’s view in MyRED. You have access to the Enrollment, Academics, and Profile tabs. Advisors will not have access to everything a student can see in their personal MyRED.

Student MyRED View example

9Class Offerings Tab

The Class Offerings tab allows you to do a class search for a specific term. Click on the drop down box to find the term and subject of the course you are trying to find.

Term and Subject drop-down boxes highlighted

By clicking on the course, you can view information on the classes offered that term. To view another class in a different subject, just use the drop down boxes again. The courses offered under that subject will replace your original class search.

Class offerings example

10Committees Tab

The Committees tab displays all students that are assigned to an undergraduate advising committee in which you participate.

Committees Tab Shown