Student FAQs


What is the difference between a transcript and an enrollment/degree verification letter?

A transcript is an official record of courses taken, grades received, GPA, academic honors, and degrees that a student receives. An enrollment/degree verification letter provides a brief overview of directory information in a letter format.

How do I order an official UNL transcript?

Instructions and procedures on how to order transcripts are listed on our website.

My school has closed. How do I order a transcript? (Grace University, Dana College, ITT Tech, Wright Career College, The Creative Center).

Official paper copies for all the schools listed above can be ordered through our office. Please see our website for further information and downloadable request forms. Unfortunately, electronic copies of these records are not available.

We only hold records for certain closed institutions. Please see the Nebraska Department of Education site for information.

How do I order an electronic copy of my official transcript?

The Office of the Registrar cannot email records on behalf of students. Instead, they must be ordered on our site by following the instructions listed here.

Electronic transcripts are not available for UNL students with any academic records prior to Fall 1986 OR for custodial records (Dana College, Grace University, The Creative Center, ITT Tech, Wright Career College, JFK College, etc.).

How do I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts can be found in MyRed under the “Academics” tab. Make sure your pop-up blocker is off.

Unofficial transcripts are only available to students who did not enroll prior to Fall 1986. Students with records before Fall 1986 or who attended a custodial institution can order paper copies of their official records free of charge using the directions on our website.

The Office of the University Registrar cannot send unofficial transcripts on behalf of students.

How long will it take for my transcripts to be mailed?

Please allow 5 to 7 business days for processing your transcript order.

Processing time for students with any records prior to Fall 1986 is a minimum of 1-2 weeks.

Transcripts are mailed via USPS First-Class mail services. There are no tracking numbers available for these orders.

How do I expedite shipping for my transcript?

For expedited transcripts, download the Transcript Request Form and fill out the appropriate fields under the PROCESSING INSTRUCTIONS section. If using a card for payment, please include the card number, type, expiration date, and 3-digit number.

Payment information must be listed on the request releasing the transcript.

More information is available here.

I need a form attached to my transcript.

Please provide any applicable form with the Transcript Request Form, and we will attach it to your transcripts before mailing.

Attachments for electronic transcripts must be uploaded while ordering. Please see instructions listed on our Ordering Transcripts page.

Where can I pick up a copy of my transcript?

Transcript pickup must be coordinated with the Husker Hub Office. They can be contacted at 402-472-2030 or

Can I order a transcript over the phone?

No. The Registrar’s Office can only take transcript requests via email, fax, or mail. Ordering instructions are available here.

Can you send my previous school(s) transcripts to another institution for me?

No, we can only provide you as the student with your educational records, and cannot send it onward to any third party on your behalf.


What is a verification?

A verification is a signed, official document on letterhead that confirms enrollment dates, full-time/part-time enrollment status, information about major, and any degrees earned at that time. Other information is considered additional or specialized.

Verifications are often used for: scholarship applications, loan deferment, insurance applications, jury duty, or other processes where student enrollment needs to be verified.

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is an authenticated and notarized document. The Office of the University Registrar provides certified copies of transcripts, diplomas, and enrollment/degree verifications.

Detailed information can be found by clicking here.

How do I order a verification?

For current students and students who have attended after Fall 1986, enrollment and degree verifications can be ordered through MyRed.

If you need specialized or additional information, have any attendance prior to Fall 1986, or need a specific form completed, please contact

Employers and Third-Parties looking to verify education for current or former UNL students must use the DegreeVerify service through the National Student Clearing House.

Do I need to provide a handwritten release for a verification?

A handwritten release or release form for enrollment or degree verification should be provided if you would like FERPA restricted information shared, such as date of birth, SSN, GPA, address, or other non-directory information.

What is considered full-time enrollment status?

Enrollment statuses for the fall, spring, and summer terms for undergraduate students, graduate students, and international students can be found here

How do I order a duplicate or replacement diploma?

To request a duplicate diploma, please complete the form and follow the instructions listed here.


I got an error when I was trying to enroll, what does it mean and what do I do?

Please see our Registration Troubleshooting section for information on error messages.

What is a permission code and what does it override?

A permission code is a generated number that aids students in overriding full classes, department consent errors, and prerequisite overrides. They do not override time conflicts or enrollment past census date.

Permission codes are created for one student, one class, and one section per term and are given out by the instructor or department of the class.

They can only be used once.

They may only be used through the last day to enroll for the session (see the Academic Calendar).

Specific instructions on how to use a permission code can be found here.

How do I get a permission code?

Permission codes may be generated and given out by the department offering the course.

How do I audit a class?

You must be registered for the class and obtain the instructor’s permission to audit the class. Additional information including the deadline to audit a class can be found here.

How do I see my class schedule in a calendar view?

Navigate to your Enrollment Scheduler and click “Current Schedule.” If you have enrollment for more than one term, you may need to switch to the appropriate term by updating the filter on the “Build Schedule” tab of the Enrollment Scheduler.

When can I register for classes during priority registration?

Registration appointment times are assigned to avoid overloading the registration system during Priority Registration. Appointment times are available in MyRED approximately two weeks before the beginning of Priority Registration.

Appointment times are assigned to eligible students based on their completed earned hours. Within each class level, appointment times are distributed randomly each term.

How do I drop a class?

There are a few things to note before you drop a class. Please make sure to check our Adds, Drops, Changes and Withdrawal page for information.

Where can I see a list of classes available in a term or session?

Our class search has options to filter the class schedule by term or session.

If you are inquiring about a term not listed in the class search, please reach out to the department offering the class.

Grading Policies

How do I have a grade changed?

Grade changes must be submitted by the instructor or chair of the department of the course. Please contact them for assistance.

I registered for a class as graded but really want it to be Pass/No Pass. How do I change it?

Grading basis changes and Pass/No Pass information is detailed on our Grade Information page.

I am an undergraduate student and retook a class at UNO/UNK/UNMC and want that to replace my UNL grade. Will it happen automatically?

No, you will need to fill out the Undergraduate Course Repeat Re-Computation Request form. Please visit Husker Hub or email to obtain this form.

Further information on course repeats is available on our website.

I am a graduate student, and I retook a class to receive a better grade. Will my old grade replace my new grade?

No. The old grade and new grade will still appear on the Graduate Transcript/Record. It is important to note that this will not affect your GPA as graduate students do not have an official GPA. For further questions regarding Course Repeats and Grading for Graduate students, please contact

Do I need to re-register for a class I got an Incomplete (‘I’) grade in?

No, typically you do not need to re-register for the course. You should work with the instructor to complete it. Additional information on Incompletes can be found on our Grade Information page.


Where do I find information about the graduation ceremony and cap and gown information?

The Commencement website has all pertinent information regarding the graduation ceremony, regalia, policies, and is kept up to date with any news or changes.

I did not receive a confirmation email that my graduation application was received.

The system does not send an email notification, but a successful application notification is sent to the MyRED Message Center. Applications are processed daily, so notifications will be sent the next business day after application submission.

I forgot to apply for graduation, can I still apply?

The graduation application is available two weeks after the published deadline. Please go into MyRED, click on the Academics tab, and apply for graduation.

If you do not see the application under the Academics tab, please email

How do I pay for my graduation application fee? I still have not paid the graduation application fee; will I still graduate?

The application fee will be added to your MyRED account after the application has been received.

It may take several weeks for the graduation application fee to be charged (it depends on the billing cycle). If you have applied for graduation and the requirements are met, you will graduate.

I have two majors; will I owe $25 or $50 for my application fee?

The graduation application fee is per degree, not per major.

If you are earning two degrees (ex. - Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts), the fee will be $50.00.

If you have multiple majors under one degree, you will only be charged $25.00 for the one degree (ex. - Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and another major in Film Studies).

I applied for graduation in error, can I receive a refund or have the graduation application fee rolled to the next semester?

The graduation application fee is a non-refundable fee and cannot be rolled to the next semester.

I do not plan to attend the ceremony, why do I have to complete the Attendance Form?

The Attendance Form is mandatory for all degree candidates. The Attendance Form lets Graduation Services know if you want to receive a diploma at the commencement ceremony or to have the diploma mailed.

Changes needed after you have submitted the form should be sent immediately to


How do I find contact information for an instructor or department?

Please use the UNL website search box or the UNL Directory to obtain contact information.

Who is my advisor? How can I contact my advisor? Where can I find my advisor’s contact information?

You can find your advisor and their contact information in MyRED under the Academics tab.

How do I obtain course descriptions for a class I took?

UNL course descriptions are available online for the academic years of 2000-2001 to present.

The current catalog is available here.

Archived undergraduate catalogs are available here.

Archived graduate catalogs are available here.

For course descriptions before 2000, or for Dana College or Grace University, please email with a list of courses and academic years.

How do I get a tuition refund?

Tuition refunds or enrollment exceptions may be available for students in the event of a situation beyond their control. Refunds are granted on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

For more information about the enrollment exceptions process please contact Husker Hub (Undergraduate students) or Graduate Studies (Graduate students) as appropriate.

For tuition refunds involving health concerns, please contact the Student Advocacy and Support Office.

Staff/Faculty FAQs

Student Records/Grades

What is the difference between degree grades and final grades?

Degree grades are preliminary grades submitted to our office to aid in graduation clearance. These grades are not final grades and can be changed once all course material has been graded.

Final grades are grades that will appear on students’ official transcript.

How do I submit thesis/dissertation grades? (899 and 999 courses)

Once students have applied for graduation, any outstanding thesis/dissertation grades can be submitted via an EForm. Only the student’s committee chair can submit these grades.

When are final grades due?

Final grades for all terms (fall, spring, and summer) are due 5 calendar days following the scheduled final exam date,* excluding Sundays and holidays if applicable. You need not wait until the due date to submit grades. It will assist us and your students if your grades are submitted as soon as possible.

Can I have an extension for submitting final grades?

Failure to submit final grades by the assigned deadline will result in continued communication from our office regarding these grades. If grades are still not submitted, then students will be assigned an NR or “no report” on their official transcript.

How do I change a grade?

For classes offered from 2010 to the present day, grade changes can be submitted through MyRed.

Thesis/Dissertation grade changes must be submitted through an EForm. Instructions and the form are available here.

For further assistance or troubleshooting, please contact

How do I extend an “I” or Incomplete grade?

To extend an incomplete, please email with the following information:

  • Student's Name
  • Student's NUID
  • Course number, section, credit hours
  • Term
  • Approximate percent of course completed
  • Grade assigned on portion of work completed
  • The date the course is to be completed (no more than 2 years hence)
  • Grade to be assigned by Records Office if grade change form is not submitted by the instructor by the date identified above
  • Requirements for completing the course
I can’t fill out the grade roster for my class but I’m listed as an instructor for the current term. What do I do to get access?

There might be multiple people listed on a class. Reach out to your CLSS department editor and request that you have grading access for the class.

If you are not sure who your CLSS department editor is, here is a list of CLSS editors.

For previous terms, please contact with the term and classes information.


What is a correction roster?

The purpose of the Correction Roster is to give you the opportunity to review a current listing of students registered in your course and to verify important course information, i.e., grade type, etc. This process assists us in furnishing accurate and complete final grade rosters in the collecting and processing of final grades and in the proper assessment of tuition and fees.

When correction rosters are due, instructors will receive an email with information regarding when the correction roster is due and extra information on how to complete the roster and its significance.

What is the definition of attendance? (Correction rosters, asynchronous courses, etc.)

For these purposes, attendance is otherwise known as “academic attendance” or “attendance at an academic-related activity” and is defined to include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Physically attending a class where there is an opportunity for direct interaction between the instructor and students,
  • Submitting an academic assignment,
  • Taking an exam, an interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction,
  • Attending a study group that is assigned by the institution,
  • Participating in an online discussion about academic matters, and
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course.

Registration Permissions

How do I give permission to audit?

Students must already be enrolled in a course as a regular student before the grading basis can be changed to audit. More information on tuition and fees can be found on our Audit page.

Students may audit a course if given written permission by the instructor via an email from the instructor’s “ “address to

The last day to enroll has passed. How do I add a student to my course?

Following the last day to enroll for each session (listed on the Academic Calendar), students will need written consent from both the instructor or department of a course and their advising college to enroll.

For undergraduate students, please contact their advisor to begin the Late Add process.

For graduate students, please contact Eva Bachman at


How do I submit a request to gain access or additional access to student information?

Access requests can be submitted via the SIS Access Request EForm.

Any further questions can be directed to

I want to allow a student to finish up a class in Canvas past the last day of classes. How do I provide them with access?

Submit the Canvas Support Request form or email

Class Editing/CLSS

I believe my class is set up incorrectly (meeting pattern, credit hours, grading basis). How do I have that updated?

Contact your department’s class editor so that they may submit changes through CLSS—see the CLSS Website for more information.

Further questions can be sent to


How do I enroll for classes at UNL?

Whether you would like to apply for a program or take non-degree seeking courses, you will need to contact the Office of Admissions to apply. They will provide the next steps for enrollment.

I recently changed my name or have other personal record information to update. How do I get that updated?

As a current or former employee, all personal record changes must be submitted through your HR representative. The Office of the University Registrar cannot make these changes.

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