Registration Tutorials

Registering for classes in MyRED is an easy process once you understand the steps. Before starting the registration process log into MyRED using your NUID and password that you set up through the TrueYou system.

bookmark icon Step 1 – Navigate to the enrollment tab 

In the main navigation bar, click on Enrollment.

select iconStep 2- Launch the Scheduler

To access the Scheduler and enroll in classes, click the Build Schedule & Enroll button.

Select your term

Once the Enrollment Scheduler is launched, choose the semester for which you wish to create a schedule. Click Save and Continue.

Select your term

Next, select the campus locations from which you wish to take classes. Click Save and Continue.

Select Campus Locations


You can begin planning your schedule on the Plan Schedule Tab.

Plan Schedule Tab

Here are some filters that can be edited during the planning process

*Note: These filters can be adjusted at any time throughout the course selection process.

enrollment Scheduler filters

Once your filters are set, you can begin Adding Courses and Adding Breaks.

add courses or breaks

shopping cart iconADDING COURSES- Overview

To add courses, click the Add Course button.

Add Course

You will be provided with multiple options to use when searching for courses.

  • By Subject- Allows you to search by the Subject and Course
  • Search by Section Attribute- Allows you to search for specific courses that fulfill ACE requirements
  • My Planner- Pulls in the courses planned in your Degree Planner

*NOTE: If you are searching for a hidden class, or need to search for a class using the Class Number, add it to your shopping cart prior to launching the Enrollment Scheduler using the Quick Search bar.

search options

When selecting courses using the By Subject or Search By Section Attribute search options, you can read the description of the course.

Discription of Course

If you’d like to use this course when generating potential schedules, select it by clicking the Add Course button. Courses will be added to your Courses column on the right-hand side.

To remove a course, click the “X” on the right.

add courses button and courses column

Once all courses are added to the Courses column, click the Done button to go back to the Plan Schedule page.

done button

All of your selected courses will display under the Courses section. If you wish to remove one of these courses use the corresponding red “X” to delete that course from your list.

Red X's

add iconADDING COURSES- Selecting Sections

To choose specific sections, click Sections.


This will display all visible section offerings of the course, and the specific course information including section number, instructor, campus, and class meeting patterns.

all sections shown

Additional information, including credit hours, number of seats available, session information, and class notes can be found by clicking the blue information icon.

Blue information icon

By default, all sections will be checked to be included in the generated schedules. To choose certian sections, check or uncheck the boxes on the lefthand side.


The Advanced Filters option offers another way to filter by Instructor and for Section Attributes.

advanced filter


To add breaks to block out times for life activities, click the Add Break button.

add break button

Once your break is entered, click the Save Break button.

save break button

To add additional breaks, continue to use the Add Break button.

Breaks can be edited by selecting Edit and Removed using the red “X”.

breaks list

list iconGenerating Schedules

You can generate possible schedules using the Generate Schedules button.

generate schedules button

*Please note: Schedules will be generated using all checked courses, sections, and breaks. You can check and uncheck courses, sections and breaks freely, but you must click Generate Schedules after each change is made to regenerate and display accurate results.


To further customize your schedules, click Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

You can add Class Padding time between classes. This feature allows you to ensure a minimum amount of time between all classes in your schedule.

class padding

Once possible schedules are generated, you can view and choose your most desired schedule.

list of schedules

search iconViewing Schedules

There are multiple ways to view schedules once they have been generated.

You can view a simplified calendar of the schedule by hovering over the magnifying glass next to each individual schedule.

magnifying glass

To view the schedule in more detail, select View.


The expanded schedule displays more details in a larger visual format. You may also print and email possible schedules.

print and email buttons

You can view different generated schedules by using the navigation arrows.

navigation arrows

Schedules can be favorited and named by clicking the “heart” button.

heart button

It is also possible to lock down class sections. This can be done by clicking on the “LOCK” for the corresponding class section. As you lock courses, the number of possible schedules can change.

*Note: Online classes will not show in the visual graphic because they do not have an in-person meeting time/location.

lock icon

You can compare schedules side by side on the Plan Schedule page by checking at least 2 schedules to view, and clicking Compare.

check schedules to compare

This will give a visual, side by side comparison of the schedules.

side by side comparison

shopping cart iconAdd to Shopping Cart

Once you have chosen your preferred schedule, click Send to Shopping Cart.

*Note: Adding a class to your shopping cart does not reserve your spot in that class and does not mean you are registered. You can leave classes in your shopping cart as long as you want, but you are not actually registered in them until you complete the registration process.

send to shopping cart

As you add the class sections to the shopping cart, you will be prompted to set your class preferences. These preferences can be changed later if needed. Click Next to advance to the next class.

next button

Once preferences have been set for all classes, click Finish.

finish button

Once the classes are in the shopping cart, you have the option to Edit Your Cart and/or Register.

shopping cart

To edit your shopping cart before enrollment, click Edit Cart.

edit cart

Editing your shopping cart allows you another opportunity to change grading basis, variable credit hours, enter permission codes if applicable, and remove courses from the cart.

When changes are made, click Save. If no changes are needed, click Cancel to return.

save button

move up iconEnroll in Classes

To register for classes, navigate to the Shopping Cart page and click Register.

register button

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to register.

Cancel will return you to the shopping cart.

Continue will process your enrollment.

confirmation popup

Once the processes have completed registration results are displayed. Carefully review any error messages you receive and take action to resolve the errors.

error messages

*Please note: Successfully enrolled classes will be added to the Current Schedule page. Unregistered classes will remain in the shopping cart. Either remove them or successfully complete the enrollment process.

current schedule page